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Papers and Publications

  • "Data-intensive Storage Services on Clouds: Limitations, Challenges and Enablers",
    Kolodner E K, Shulman-Peleg A, Naor D, Brand P, Dao M, Eckert A, Gogouvitis S V, Harnik D, Jaeger M C, Kyriazis D P, Lorenz M, Messina A, Shribman A, Tal S, Voulodimos A S, Wolfsthal Y (2011), to be published as a book chapter in "European Research Activities in Cloud Computing", by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • "Secure Access Mechanism for Cloud Storage, Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience",
    Harnik D, Kolodner E K, Ronen S, Satran J, Shulman-Peleg A and Tal S (2011), vol. 12, num. 3, pp. 317.336, 2011.
  • "Side Channels in Cloud Services",
    Danny Harnik, Benny Pinkas, and Alexandra Shulman-Peleg, IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine, special issue of Cloud Security, 2010, vol 8, no 6, pp. 40-47.
  • "Proofs of Ownership in Remote Storage Systems",
    Shai Halevi, Danny Harnik, Benny Pinkas, and Alexandra Shulman-Peleg. CCS 2011 - ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2011:491-500.
  • "A Cloud Environment for Data-intensive Storage Services",
    Elliot K. Kolodner, Sivan Tal, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Dalit Naor, Miriam Allalouf, Lucia Bonelli, Per Brand, Albert Eckert, Erik Elmroth, Spyridon V. Gogouvitis, Danny Harnik, Francisco Hernández, Michael C. Jaeger, Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew, José Manuel Lopez, Mirko Lorenz, Alberto Messina, Alexandra Shulman-Peleg, Roman Talyansky, Athanasios Voulodimos, and Yaron Wolfsthal. , CloudCom 2011: 357-366.
  • "Secure Access Mechanism for Cloud Storage",
    Danny Harnik, Elliot K. Kolodner, Shahar Ronen, Julian Satran, Alexandra Shulman-Peleg, and Sivan Tal, presented at IEEEI, 26th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel, November 17-20, 2010, Eilat.
  • "Low Power Mode in Cloud Storage Systems",
    Danny Harnik, Dalit Naor, and Itai Segall, at the 5th SMTPS (special focus on cloud computing), in conjunction with IPDPS 2009.