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Active Media Store

The Active Media Store FOAK is delivering advanced differentiating features that are needed to enable media solutions to use a cloud object store and run on IBM SoftLayer. It is a unified store in the cloud that aims to support media artifacts across their entire life cycle, from production, including ingestion, metadata extraction, editing and analytics, to distribution and archive. It allows the distribution of media production process across multiple geographically separated sites, thereby facilitating collaboration. It will allow its customers to move more rapidly to cloud-based storage of digitized content, thereby enabling ubiquitous access to media assets by a large variety of devices.

Active Media Store is based on Swift, the object store of Openstack, which we are also tuning for media. One of its key features for supporting media is content-aware access, the ability to find media objects based on their content and their relationships to other objects. A second key feature is the ability to run computations, which we call storlets, in the storage system to transform media objects (e.g., transcoding), analyze media objects (e.g., key frame extraction), and extracting and enriching metadata. These two features facilitate media production and processing in the cloud without incurring the costs for frequent uploads and downloads.

The Active Media Store is designed to run as a service on IBM SoftLayer, as a off-premise private cloud on IBM SoftLayer's bare metal cloud, or as a private cloud on the customer's premises.

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