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Trends and Motivation

Data Explosion. The explosion of digital data from individuals and organizations is one of the most significant trends of this decade. In parallel with the fast growth in the volume of data, our society has also become critically dependent on its availability. People expect to have continuous and fast access to their data from any location, from any device, and at any time.

Cloud Storage. The incredible growth of data drives not only the need for information governance but also the development of cloud technologies. Cloud computing and storage technologies, which provide on-demand, shared and network-access to data, are well-positioned to address the needs for storage capacity, availability, performance, and services. The benefits of cloud, as compared with traditional storage systems, are speed and agility, cost competitiveness due to the economies of scale and the pay-as-you-go usage. According to the IDC report, by 2015, nearly 20% of all digital information will be "touched" by the cloud, and 10% will be maintained by the cloud.

Fixed Content and the Cloud. Fixed content is written once and never updated in place, such as archived documents, email attachments, movies and photos, medical images, etc. The fixed content workload is critical and is the fastest growing content type today. Fixed content often has rich, structured and mutable metadata that enable finding, managing, and extracting value from the content. Public cloud providers offer solutions for fixed content, addressing ease of use, accessibility, scalability and cost, but they lack enterprise features and essential attributes, such as security, geographical constraints, strong integrity checks, rich metadata model including query support, and computational storage.

Our Cloud Object Storage Projects. We develop technologies to build a secure, scalable, cost-competitive, and enterprise-worthy cloud storage system for fixed content that is continuously available everywhere for any device/application.

  • We work with IBM Cloud products and extend them with standards-based object store capabilities, particularly tuned for fixed content.
  • In the VISION Cloud EU project, we build the object store infrastructure for a cutting-edge cloud storage platform, optimized for the delivery of data intensive services in telco, healthcare, media, and enterprise applications.
  • We work with IBM's Growth Market unit to deliver cost-competitive storage building blocks for the cloud.

In Detail: