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Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO) Service

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Sample Scenario

A physician using a medical application wants to view an MRI image that was previously done for the current patient. The doctor chooses the name of the MRI image to be viewed to see it on his screen. The UID of the DICOM object is known to the medical application and therefore can be used to build the URL for the WADO service. Using this URL, the Web client sends the request to the WADO service and waits for a response.

The WADO server receives the HTTP request and uses the provided parameters to create the response. The server fetches the DICOM object from the repository, extracts the image, builds the HTTP response, and so forth. The WADO server then sends the response back to the medical application. The medical application receives the response with the image in it and presents it to the doctor.