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Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO) Service

Healthcare & Life Sciences

How does it work?

A Web client system uses Internet technologies such as Web and e-mail to retrieve DICOM persistent objects from a Web-enabled DICOM server, via HTTP/HTTPS.

The Web client builds the URL of the WADO server with the required and optional parameters. The set of parameters tells the WADO server which DICOM object is being requested and the format in which it should be returned to the Web client. The WADO server has many server-side features that can be used by the Web client when requesting information.

The Web client opens an HTTP connection to the above URL and sends the request to the WADO server.

The WADO server receives the request and begins processing the request. The process includes retrieving the desired DICOM object from the repository, extracting the information from it, building the desired response, and sending it back to the Web client.

Upon receiving the response from the WADO server, the Web client checks the type of the data returned and verifies that it is indeed the data requested. The Web client can then perform additional processing on the returned data or simply display it for the end-user.