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Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO) Service

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Many common processing tasks that were previously executed on the client side have been implemented on the WADO server side and are available to the Web client on demand. Implementing those features on the server side saves processing time on the Web client side. The Web client can choose from a wide range of features that the WADO server support, including the following:

  • Anonymization − Removes all patient identification information from within the DICOM object, if not previously done.
  • Annotation − Interlaces annotation(s) on the object retrieved and displayed as an image. Examples of such annotations are patient name, birth date, study date, etc.
  • Scaling − Rescales the returned image to a specific size while keeping the original aspect ratio. For example, this may be advantageous when the image is displayed on a PDA device or other customized Web browser.
  • Viewing image regions − Enables the Web client to select and view a specified rectangular region of an image matrix. For example, this feature allows the Web client to view a selected area of the image at a higher magnification.
  • Luminosity and contrast − Enables easy control of the luminosity and contrast of the requested image (as defined in PS 3.3).
  • Frames − Allows the Web client to request a specific frame from a multi-frame DICOM object.
  • Image quality − Indicates the required quality of the image to be returned when a lossy compressed image (e.g., JPEG) is requested.