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Universal De-identification Platform (UDiP)

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Encryption of Privacy Information Use Case
The privacy information in the clinical and genomic data is encrypted by UDIP and transmitted to a research database. The researcher can only access the research database that includes encrypted privacy information.

Privacy Enablement by AGPI Use Case
The privacy information in the enterprise data is de-identified and replaced by an AGPI opaque value assigned by an AGPI server. AGPI is used to maintain the correlation between documents belonging to the same individual, without identifying the individual. The tester can only access the test database and has no access to the privacy information.

Authorized people can access the AGPI server with an AGPI value for re-identification. The actual data and the privacy data reside in different locations.

Using Websphere (Ascential) together with UDIP
In this use case, Ascential extracts data from various formats and sources, passes the data to UDIP for de-identification, and stores the de-identified data in relevant destinations.