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Universal De-identification Platform (UDiP)

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Challenge and Benefits

Enterprises need to share data related to individuals while:

  • Maintaining the correlation among the various records of the same individual
  • Protecting privacy of individuals
  • Complying with existing and emerging legislations and policies set out by governments and organizations (e.g., HIPAA in US, FIPPA in Canada)

The data to be shared is:

  • Of various types and formats
  • With dispersed protected information
  • With distinctive anonymization requirements in different locations in the world


  • A simple highly flexible de-identification platform to work successfully with different domains, regulations, and types of data
  • Can use an Anonymous Global Patient ID (AGPI) server to maintain correlation among the various documents that belong to the same individual
  • Uses state-of-the-art information retrieval algorithms to locate and mark identifiers in structured (forms) or unstructured (free text) data
  • Enables users to configure rules and actions that determine which information is removed or replaced
  • Can be easily configured to support different privacy restrictions (HIPAA, FIPPA, etc.), depending on the location or required level of confidentiality.
  • Easily integrated with legacy systems and includes a pluggable architecture


De-identification is a required element of information integration, enabling enterprises to effectively and efficiently reduce the risks of unauthorized disclosure. UDIP adds flexible automated de-identification for cross-enterprise information sharing and correlation.