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SaS Hub Non-functional Requirements (NFRs)

Software Tools & Event Systems


NFRs are all the requirements not strictly related to business logic (e.g., security, billing, subscription and profiles provisioning, usage data, etc.). Experience shows that NFRs represent more than 50% of the total effort to produce services.

This project creates technologies that enhance the integration of NFRs of several applications that are all participating in the same SaS business process (BPO).

The project will provide integrated service delivery, based upon piece-part SaS components. Deliverables will include features such as single sign-on, unified metering, billing and auditing, unified profile management, etc.

This work will create added value for users (ease of use and integration), application providers (faster developments and better functionality), and IBM. As a provider of hosted services and BPO middleware, IBM will benefit because SaS-based BPO becomes easier to implement and update, giving the IBM offering a clear differentiator.