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Fast Enablement of SaS on LAMP

Software Tools & Event Systems


This project aims to provide LAMP-based ISV applications with a framework for horizontal integration between the applications (providing SaS to users) and IBM's SaS hosting entities.

SaS hosting (e.g., the planned CSDP effort) will provide services such as authentication, authorization, subscription, logging, metering, etc. This project focuses on improving performance and making the use of these "fundamental" services transparent to the ISV developer and application. The ISV control of these services will be moved to configuration/admin level.

The project plan is to deliver PHP/Apache modules that

  • Drastically reduce the coding overhead for ISV developers, in order to interact with SaS hosting providers
  • Improve the performance of this interaction.

In addition, an end-to-end reference application for this framework will be created.

More about this project can be found at