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Integrated Medical Records (IMR)

Healthcare & Life Sciences


SHAMAN: A person who acts as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness; also known as the Secure Health and Medical Access Network.

Sequencing the human genome and recent advances in the Bioinformatics domain, suggest that medicine of the future will take advantage of genomic data. However, personal genomic and expression data cannot be used to their full potential unless there is tight linkage to patient records in addition to the ability to access these records. The Secure Health and Medical Access Network (SHAMAN) provides the infrastructure to obtain this goal. SHAMAN envisages a unified treatment of three classes of applications and markets: telemedicine (patient-to-professional and professional-to-professional, including management of clinical trials), general public self-health management via the Internet, and anonymous mining of medical data for drug-development, World healthcare, the FDA, and insurance and government bodies. Ultimately, SHAMAN will also include plugging into a potential pathogen data base and IT infrastructure, human gene repositories for research, and large scale research genomics projects for use of animal models as models of human disease. The SHAMAN contact person is Barry Robson in Watson and Pnina Vortman in Haifa.

First steps in the development of SHAMAN are the encoding of the patient record as an Electronic Health Record (EHR). The following data will ultimately be attached to the record: genomic and expression data, X-ray, cardiographic, histological and other graphic and annotation data. This development is carried out by the IMR project. SHAMAN also includes medical data visualization carried out by Bernice Rogowitz.