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Traditionally, risk and compliance activities check and ensure that all enterprise processes and reports are aligned. When information from various company processes do not match up, this may be indicative of mistakes, fraud, or other problematic activities. With the introduction of new regulations for business controls (i.e., Sarbanes Oxley) and new business controls standards (i.e., COSO), revenue assurance and control processes have become critical.

To ensure that information coming from different processes is synchronized, risk compliance and control systems define control points at which the information is collected. This information is stored using intelligent warehousing and is then analyzed and checked for discrepancy between control points.

Revenue assurance systems work in a similar fashion, where they collect information at control points and then check for consistency to ensure there is no revenue leakage. Although the objectives and end-analysis differ for control systems and risk compliance system, both systems include the definition of control points, intelligent data warehousing, and the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The IBM Haifa platform for control and assurance enables the definition of control points, collection, smart storage, and the definition of KPIs. This is done by integrating applications such as Massive Control System for revenue assurance, fraud control, billing verification and test call generators with the Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting, which handles analysis and reporting. The solution was developed in cooperation with the Control and Assurance Excellence Center in IBM BCS Israel.


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