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Voyage aims at bringing the Web 2.0 paradigm and social features to the area of enterprise business travel, from the stages of planning the trip and making travel reservation arrangements, through the trip itself, while on the go and concluding with filling-in expenses report. By functioning as a central component that deals with social travel, Voyage provides services to additional applications in the enterprise, as well a means for monitoring the satisfaction of employees from travel-related vendors.

Voyage for Travel Planning

Voyage is integrated within the enterprise travel reservation system and aims to improve the process of travel planning inside the enterprise. Voyage leverages your social network to keep you aware of where your important connections are travelling. It also provides communication tools that let you collaborate on travel plans and set up meetings in remote destinations. Moreover, voyage provides a central source for reviews, tips, recommendations, and summary statistics so you can leverage the advice of other travelers. Voyage also aggregates information from publically available sources, such as weather and currency exchange rates, with enterprise-specific information such as meal limit and travel advisories—bringing together all the information you need to make an informed travel decision.

Voyage Mobile

The Voyage mobile client is for use once you have embarked on the trip. You can use it to see your itinerary details and get real-time updates on your flight, hotel, and car rental status, as well as updated information on other people traveling with you. This can be especially useful in the event of a flight delay, where Voyage mobile can re-recommend car sharing and dining opportunities based on the real-time updated information.

Voyage mobile provides quick dialing to mobile phone numbers in your social network when arrangements require in-depth discussion. In addition, the client enables you to add reviews or rate items in the itinerary (flights, air carriers, hotels, etc.) that are later presented to all Voyage users . Moreover, the mobile client provides various location-based services that are relevant to your business travel, such as providing the current location of another traveler or other people of interest, and ad hoc location of car rental agencies or restaurants.

Voyage mobile makes your travel more social and more efficient—in real time. This is done by providing you with real time updates relevant to your travel plans, and providing you with a means for feedback and collaboration.

Voyage mobile runs on any smart phone, and was specifically tested on the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Voyage Report Generation

Voyage has the ability to generate reports from the employee feedback gathered through Voyage. Feedback (reviews and ratings) is gathered for travel items such as hotels, car agencies, air carriers, airports, and more. Different options enable you to set the time when the report is generated, the period the report covers, and the contents of the report. Voyage also provides rule-based settings for generating reports. For example, this might include something like: 'generate a report when there is a hotel that got 10 below-average reviews in a period of 3 months'.

Voyage Places

Voyage Places is a standalone web application that aggregates travel-related information for a specific city on a single page. This information includes both general information, such as weather forecast, currency exchange rates and medical alerts, as well as enterprise-specific information, such as meal limit, travel advisory, and location of offices.