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This work is partially funded in the 7th framework of the European scientific targeted research project +Spaces, which is co-financed by the European Commission, through theme ICT-2009.1.2 ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling under contract no. 201000061

Social Networks (SN) are the ideal future service marketplaces. SN users are increasing at a tremendous pace with Web 2.0 and SN Sites (SNS) having attracted more than 500 million regular users within just 5 years of existence. The number of potential customers is huge, coming from almost every societal class, cultural background, and age. The requirements are: a computer, a browser, network access, and the natural need for socializing.

Taking advantage of the social dynamics as well as the vast volumes of amateur content generated every second in an SNS is a major step towards creating a potentially huge market of services. Providing developers with cross-platform tools that enable them to manage the dynamically generated content and complex social interactions by allowing them to build, deploy and potentially sell services that combine data and functionality from two or more different SN services, disregarding the underlying SN implementation, will create an agile and profitable market of services and will bring the Internet of Services concept a step closer to realization.


SocIoS views the democratization of the service lifecycle management as a major step towards the Future Internet of Services. The focal point of the SocIoS concept is to provide common Internet users with the tools needed to compose, provide and consume services over abstract resources on the web. Social networks appear to be the perfect "sandbox" for realizing this vision. Internet users inhabit these environments in masses, and the social networks themselves, apart from an environment for socializing, also provide tools for application development. These tools already enable home users to build applications that have a business character and utilize—if not generate—the UCC and social graph.


SocIoS will pave the way for building qualitative, functional and usable business applications exploiting the user created content and the social graph of users in social networks. SocIoS will provide incentives for the development of business applications by providing: tools for cross-platform application development and deployment,support for SLAs and QoS, tools for UCC and social graph management, and most importantly, a usable framework to build services in and through Social Networks.

At a Glance - Project Title

Exploiting Social Networks for Building the Future Internet of Services


September 2010 – February 2013


Internet of Services, Software and Virtualisation (ICT-2009.1.2)

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