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SaND (Social Networks and Discovery) is a social analysis platform for social media. It mines and analyzes complex relationships among people, documents, and tags as reflected in different social media services. Its integrated index supports combining content-based analysis and people-based analysis over a rich data foundation.

SaND allows us to aggregate and plug in multiple sources and applies smart algorithms for search, people and content recommendations, social network analysis, visualization and more.

SaND has been integrated into IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 as its social analysis platform. Its features are exposed through several widgets in the product, such as social path and people and content recommendations.

Main features include

  • Faceted search-based unified index that models relationships between people, documents, and tags
  • Flexible configuration of sources, relationships, and their weights
    – Different relationship types per source can be defined
  • Coherent and comprehensive public REST APIs
    – Retrieval of people-document-tag relationships based on various parameters
  • Pluggable sources
    – Java-based and XML-based mechanisms
  • Graph cache for social networks
    – Support for social network analyzers and visualizations
  • Flexible entity definition (in progress)
    – Model definition through ERD/RDF
  • Access control that completely sustains the privacy level of the original data sources