SHiELD (European Security in Health Data Exchange) - is an EU project aimed at unlocking the value of health data to European citizens and businesses by overcoming security and regulatory challenges that today prevent this data being exchanged with those who need it. This will make it possible to provide better health care to mobile citizens across European borders, and facilitate legitimate commercial uses of health data.

The technology developed in SHiELD project will be showcased on three use cases.  In all the three use cases, a citizen travels abroad and needs health assistance from a foreign healthcare professional. Following is a high level description of the use cases:

  1. `Break glass' situation, meaning, healthcare intervention due to unexpected situation (e.g., stroke, heart attack, and etc.)
  2. Follow up after surgical intervention: the citizen travels after surgery (healthcare intervention in case of complications - related to the surgical intervention)
  3. Remote monitoring and chronic conditions: the citizen need for monitoring specific parameters (blood pressure, glucose levels, etc.) in the presence of foreign healthcare professional.

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Muhammad Barham, IBM Research - Haifa