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The Solution

MobiDic provides a unified interface for information discovery. Users can enter a single query in free-form text and send it simultaneously to various information sources, including both actual people and textual repositories.

MobiDic transmits user queries to all the selected data sources. It sends queries to Web search engines, knowledge databases, and other textual sources of information; posts them to discussion forums; and forwards them as instant messages to relevant people.

One of the key features of MobiDic is its ability to integrate advanced presence information with location data when directing queries to specific people. When sending instant messages, it goes well beyond basic presence information (online/idle/away) for a more sophisticated model that correlates location (Is this person close to me/close to an airport/within a certain distance?) with rich presence information (Is this person sleeping/driving/on the phone?) so that only relevant people, as defined by the model and privacy policies, are contacted.

The MobiDic client is built in J2ME and demonstrates the versatility and strength of the IBM middleware for a variety of industries.