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eSearch is a web based Knowledge Management retrieval system used for building and searching Question and Answer Knowledge Bases. The user is able, using a web interface, to enter a query string and choose which knowledge bases to use for this query. When submitted, eSearch returns a ranked list of relevant answers. The user then chooses the best answer. The ranking reflects the degree of confidence in each solution.

The core of the eSearch application is the Juru generic search engine ( that was developed by the Information Retrieval group at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa. The Juru search engine was customized to handle the specific collections at hand, i.e., Q&As collections and provides an original ranking formula for better results (as compared to plain document collections).

The eSearch system consists of:

  • A set of HTML templates to support Web access and easy customization per user.
  • A servlet using WebSphere or Tomcat. The servlet is responsible for indexing the data when a new knowledge base is created and for providing retrieval facilities.
  • Extensive Web-based administration facilities enabling the definition and maintenance of Q A databases as well as Synonym lists and Stop-Word lists for each knowledge base.
  • Logging of queries submitted to the system as well as search results - a useful feature for monitoring what users are looking for and what they cannot find an answer for.

eSearch is being integrated into several IGS offerings including SearchNow, HelpNow, and Virtual Help Desk.


  • Menachem Shtalhaim
  • David Carmel