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Quality E-learning in Deutschland

QED stands for Quality E-learning in Deutschland and is a German consortium that aims to create a quality brand for German e-learning. The consortium includes IT companies such as IBM, IAO (Fraunhofer) and MMS (T-Systems), as well as an SME - FBD, a university - UDE, and the German Institute for Standardization.

QED work is focused on four different work packages: WP1: Quality and Process Management; WP2: Indexing and Retrieval and Rich Media; WP3: Mobile Learning; WP4: Standards.

Our involvement is through IBM Germany. We lead WP2; take an active part in WP3; and will be in charge of the development of a Quality Integration Tool that is part of WP1.

We plan to make use of the following assets and technologies of the IMT department:

  • Juru
  • Juru XML
  • Transcription and Indexing
  • OCR for indexing
  • Pesto
  • Progressive Transmission of Image Content
  • Cellular camera - text OCR and Barcode reading
  • Mobile search
    • Pirate
    • Pocket LDS
  • MobiDic
    • Including Location awareness
  • Mobile Media Framework