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CoreLabs is a CA, funded by the European Union, to establish co-creative Living Labs (LLs) as the foundation of a Common European Innovation System on several levels.

Our role in CoreLabs was focused on WP4 - Inter- and Intra-project Coordination and Community Building. Our team is specifically involved in igniting an online community of Living Lab members who share their knowledge and exchange experiences online.

Based on the AMI@Work platform capabilities, we focus on blogs and RSS feeds to create a blogging environment in which people use their blogs to report on their personal experiences in Living Labs. This will help create a community with social connections and allow people to collaborate as individuals, while simultaneously transfering knowledge and experience between LLs. Doing this in the open allows any community member to gain the knowledge. RSS feeds are a good way to ensure that people are kept up-to-date about the online events of the community.