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Coolr is a tool for propagating content over social networks.

In the age of Web 2.0 and social applications, social networks can become a great vehicle for the diffusion of information, innovations, and products. Social sites leverage this idea by providing users with the ability to share content and applications over their social network. In this project, we investigate the phenomenon of propagation over social networks and study how different types of content are diffused.

Coolr allows you to post content such as announcements, applications, invitations, queries, or tips to your buddies and have them engage in a persistent chat with you while being able to further distribute your content over their own social network. With this paradigm, users only get content from people they know, thus minimizing spam and increasing the chances that the information will be received and processed. Allowing people to rate content and add recommendations creates an intriguing mechanism for propagating recommendations and enabling them to be adapted to the community at stake—simply because the recommenders are people in your social network.

Plans include the implementation of a Coolr prototype service and sample application, along with the use of measurement techniques to study how different types of content can be disseminated over social networks.