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IBM Research

IBM releases WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

July 12, 2006

Technologies from the IBM Haifa Research Lab were instrumental in providing the product with capabilities for high throughput, low latency, and high availability

This week, IBM announced the availability of WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets, a flexible, high-throughput, low-latency platform. The WebSphere Front Office platform is built on an award-winning portfolio of IBM middleware products that provide an integrated environment optimized for high-volume trading. Several innovative technologies from the IBM Research Lab in Haifa enabled the platform's performance characteristics and the high availability support including detection, notification and recovery.

Traditionally, IBM has been strong in the 'back office' financial space, for banks and clearing houses, where highly reliable technologies are required to perform financial transactions after trade decisions are made.

"This is IBM's first appearance in the financial front office space for stock exchanges and large institutional customers, which is characterized by extreme data rates measured in hundreds thousands messages per second, and by sub-millisecond delivery latency requirements," explains Gidon Gershinsky, Architect for Messaging Technologies at the Haifa Research Lab and leader of the RMM project.

The Reliable Multicast Messaging (RMM) technology and TurboFlow technologies have enabled IBM to address these performance goals and to build an infrastructure that supports the extremely challenging demands of front office financial customers. In addition to high throughput and low latency, RMM is characterized by significant scalability that allows the delivery of financial information to multiple traders at the same time.

Distribution and Consistency Services (DCS) is another Haifa technology playing a vital role in the WebSphere Front Office data path, making it highly available and fault tolerant under any data flow rates. Combined with the ITRA (Inter-Tier. Relationship architecture) technology it allows for subsecond data stream failover.

The new technologies from Haifa improve trade performance when compared to existing platforms and enable companies to safeguard their business applications against outages or data loss that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenue and productivity," notes Eliezer Dekel, Manager of Distributed Middleware at the IBM Haifa Research Lab.

Low latency combined with high throughput make WebSphere Front Office a superior platform for today's high-speed, high-volume financial front office applications.

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