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IBM Haifa Research Laboratory and Verisity Announce an Initiative for Verification Language Interoperability

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

A Bridge From Sugar to e Provides Highly Interoperable Verification Environments

Haifa, Israel and Mountain View, CA, -- September 4, 2001 -- IBM Research Laboratories in Haifa and Verisity, Ltd. (Nasdaq: VRST) have announced an initiative for language interoperability between Verisity’s e verification language and IBM's Formal Specification Language, Sugar. Under the new initiative, a specification compiler will be developed which will translate functional specifications written in Sugar to Verisity's e language, giving engineers unified access to IBM's RuleBase and FoCs, and Verisity's Specman EliteTM.

Functional verification is an essential part of the development of integrated circuits and electronic systems. It detects design flaws and ensures design quality before expensive prototyping or production processes begin. Typically, the verification effort associated with chip design programs amounts to 50-70% of the overall development costs. Formal functional specifications form the basis for functional verification, in that they are a key in planning and implementing the design verification process.

This new initiative will serve to connect industry-leading verification technologies from IBM and Verisity by translating formal functional specifications written in Sugar into Verisity's e, thereby giving engineers a unified access to both companies' tools. Verisity's e verification language is the driver for Verisity's market leading testbench automation tool, Specman Elite. IBM's RuleBase is an industry-first functional formal verification tool while FoCs is a tool for synthesizing formal specifications into simulation checkers. In the development of the language compiler, the two companies will provide a unified solution where engineers will be able to leverage their specification language of choice in complex verification workbenches.

“Our expectation is that with the introduction of the specification compiler, verification engineers will be able to reuse functional specifications to drive the IBM RuleBase and FoCs tools, as well as the Verisity’s Specman Elite, overall leading to verification of higher quality”, said Dr. Yaron Wolfsthal, Manager of Formal Methods & Technologies of the IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa.

“We recognize the importance of interfacing our leading-edge functional verification automation solutions with IBM’s advanced formal verification tools”, said Yaron Kashai, Vice President of Research and Strategic Technologies for Verisity. “We expect that the integration between Verisity and IBM’s tools will bring excellent benefits to our customers”.

The specification compiler will be developed by NoBug Consulting, a design and verification services and consulting company with operations in the United States, Israel and Europe. NoBug Consulting, a member of Verisity's LicenseETM program, will provide the specification compiler to interested parties, as well as offer verification services based on IBM and Verisity tools. “We feel that linking the best formal verification tool in the market and the best simulation-based verification solution, from IBM and Verisity, respectively, will create a verification tool suite unparalleled by any other verification environments in the EDA industry”, stated Moshe Shalev, CEO of NoBug.

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About the IBM Research Lab in Haifa

IBM, the world's leading manufacturer of servers and ASICs, is known to have functional verification tools with capacities exceeding those that can be typically licensed from commercial EDA vendors. Many of the verification tools used by IBM, and most of IBM's functional formal verification tools, are developed by the IBM Haifa Research Laboratory. Among these tools is RuleBase, an industrial-strength model checking tool which is used across IBM server products and by a group of non-IBM licensees. For more information on RuleBase and IBM’s other formal verification products, see

About Verisity

Verisity is the leading provider of proprietary technologies and software products used to efficiently verify designs of electronic systems and complex integrated circuits that are essential to the communications and other high growth segments of the electronics industry. Verisity's products automate the process of detecting flaws in these designs, enabling customers to deliver higher quality products, accelerate time-to-market and reduce overall product development costs.

Verisity Design, Inc.'s principal executive offices are located in Mountain View, CA. Verisity’s principal research and development offices and the corporate headquarters of Verisity Ltd. are located in Rosh Ha'ain, Israel. For more information, see Verisity's web site at


Verisity is a registered trademark of Verisity Design, Inc. LicenseE and Specman Elite are trademarks of Verisity Design, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.


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