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Nearly 150 research and industry professionals attend IBM Haifa seminar on software testing and verification

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

Nearly 150 research and industry professionals attend IBM Haifa seminar on software testing and verification

On December 19, 2002, the Verification Technologies Department of the IBM Haifa Research lab hosted a day-long software testing and verification seminar. The most recent of a series of seminars offered by IBM's Haifa facility, the software testing and verification seminar was attended by nearly 150 researchers and developers, from universities, software houses, and research facilities throughout Israel.

Click to see full size The seminar brought together industry and research professionals, allowing them to compare notes, exchange ideas, and benefit from each other's progress. This was the first time the IBM Haifa Verification Technologies Department has hosted this type of an industry-wide seminar on the topic of software testing and verification.

Ten academic institutions and five Israeli venture capital funds sent representatives to the seminar. In addition, employees of more than 30 high-tech companies attended the day of lectures, as well as several independent consultants and various representatives of the Israeli defense community.

The lecturers at the seminar addressed a variety of topics related to the field of software verification, such as data race detection, secure code, validity of string operations, common problems of J2EE, and the relationship between hardware verification and software testing. The keynote lecture was delivered by Amir Pnueli of the Weizmann Institute, one of Israel's most distinguished computer scientists and a winner of the prestigious A.M. Turing award.

The seminar was organized by Shmuel Ur and Orit Edelstein of the IBM Haifa Software Testing and Verification Group. Ur noted that it was natural to host such a seminar at the Haifa research facility. "Israel is already a world leader in the research and manufacture of products for the software testing field," Ur said. "The workshop reflected a number of areas, such as formal techniques for software verification and testing for intermittent bugs, where research can have the most impact."

Seminar participants expressed satisfaction with the event, and the Verification Technologies Department are now planning on making the software testing and verification seminar an annual event.


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