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IBM Haifa Storage Systems Technology Seminar Brings Together Israeli Academia and Developers

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IBM Haifa Storage Systems Technology Seminar Brings Together Israeli Academia and Developers

On Thursday, November 21, 2002, the IBM Haifa Labs hosted a unique seminar focusing on storage technology. Organized by the Storage Systems Technology Department at the IBM Haifa Research Lab (HRL), the seminar brought together for the first time researchers and developers from Israeli industry and academia to discuss new developments in the field of storage technologies.

More than 100 representatives of Israel's leading storage researchers and developers attended the seminar. Firms such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Actona Technologies, SANgate Systems, and Galileo Technologies sent representatives to the seminar. The Israeli academia was represented at the seminar by participants from such institutions as the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, and Ben Gurion University.

The seminar was organized by Alain Azagury, manager of the IBM Haifa Research Lab's Storage Systems Technology Department, and Ealan Henis, manager of the New Storage Architecture Group of the Storage Systems Technology Department. Jai Menon, functional manager of the IBM Almaden Research Center's Computer Science Storage Systems, gave the seminar's keynote address via video, focusing on autonomic storage systems, and some of his team's major storage research projects. Other speakers addressed such topics as storage networking, disaster recovery, distributed computing, and the iSCSI protocol.

Azagury noted that the last two to three years has seen a real expansion of the storage field in Israel, which served as the main catalyst for the recent seminar. "The purpose of the seminar was to showcase the storage community in Israel," Azagury said. "By bringing together representatives from Israeli industry and academia for the first time in this type of a forum, we were able to present a broad focus on storage technologies. The entire day, which had a much larger attendance than we expected, was marked by a real family atmosphere, with lively discussions taking place during the breaks and between the lectures."

Feedback from the seminar participants was very positive. After the workshop, one of the participants praised the organizers for setting up "a varied agenda combining theoretical and more market-driven presentations," and referred to the joint industry-academia seminar as a "blessed initiative." The Storage Systems Technology Department plans to make the seminar a regular event in the future.


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