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IBM Haifa researchers visit Israeli schools for International eWeek

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

March 02, 2005

During the week of February 20-26, researchers from the IBM Haifa Labs visited schools around Israel as part of EWeek, an international effort designed to introduce teens to the math and science professions.

Formerly centered only in the United States and known as National Engineers Week, EWeek provides scientists with a chance to meet with high school students and increase their awareness of the importance of the engineering profession. As part of IBM's worldwide participation in EWeek, IBM Haifa scientists met with students around the country, stressing the crucial importance of science and math in preparing for engineering careers.

Haifa Labs researchers met with students from schools in Haifa, Shfaram, and Tel Aviv. They described the role of the engineer to the students, and discussed some of the various projects currently being developed at IBM. The IBM Haifa scientists met with approximately 300 ninth-grade students, who will soon need to decide on their field of concentration for their last years of high school.

IBM Haifa researcher Ron Sivan met with about 50 students at the Shoham School in Haifa's Bat Galim neighborhood. He explained to the students that engineers today have a huge advantage over their counterparts in previous generations.

"In the past, major resources were only available to the rich," he told the students. "But the most important resource available today is information-and you can all attain it just by learning."

This is the sixteenth consecutive year that IBM has been a corporate affiliate of EWeek. IBM supports the EWeek effort worldwide by sending many of its own employees to make presentations to students, by sponsoring extracurricular programs about engineering and technology, and by financially supporting the EWeek program.


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