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Leading Software Engineering Experts Meet to Discuss Building the Perfect Application

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

June 30, 2004

Nearly 200 software developers, university researchers, and venture capitalists came together to discuss new trends in software development, at the recent Programming Languages and Development Environments (PLE) Seminar, held in June at the IBM Haifa Labs' facility on the University of Haifa campus.

As the world's need for sophisticated software increases, software developers are faced with an increasingly difficult problem. How can complex applications be developed in time and on cost that meet the needs of the market? The answer lies in new trends in software lifecycle and development, such as model-driven architecture, which allows developers to model and generate application solutions.

The seminar focused on a variety of relevant themes, such as model-driven development (MDD), aspect-oriented programming, and software asset management. Based on the primarily academic software engineering community in Israel, the seminar featured speakers from the country's leading technical universities. Seminar participants came from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, as well as numerous Israeli companies that use application development tools.

Gabi Zodik, manager of the Programming Languages and Environments Group in the Haifa Research Lab, kicked off the seminar, welcoming the full-capacity crowd in the Haifa auditorium.

"This event focuses on cutting-edge development technologies and the software lifecycle," said Zodik. "Especially after the purchase of Rational, IBM is a leader in this area. The Haifa Labs strong emphasis on MDD and the new On Demand Development Environment is another reason we are hosting this seminar, designed to support and engender collaboration in the Israeli community."

The seminar featured two keynote speakers, David Harel from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and Alan Brown from IBM's Rational Software Group. Harel described methods and tools for engineering large and complex reactive systems, while Brown explained his vision of the future of MDD.

A unique aspect of the seminar were the demos presented during the breaks. Software developers presented demos of their tools during the morning coffee break and the lunch hour, allowing industry colleagues to get a glimpse of the various technologies being currently deployed in the field.

The next PLE seminar is already in the planning stages for 2005. To view abstracts and/or presentations from the lectures presented at this year's seminar, go to the seminar's Web site,


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