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HRL Researchers receive the Nelson Award for Best Paper by a Newcomer at the Annual ACM SIGWEB HyperText Conference

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

Congratulations to the award-winning authors!

Haifa, Israel - IBM Haifa researchers were recently awarded the Ted Nelson award for the best paper by a newcomer at the ACM SIGWEB Hypertext Conference. The group's paper was also nominated as a candidate for the Douglas Engelbart Best Paper award.

Einat Amitay, David Carmel, Adam Darlow, Ronny Lempel, and Aya Soffer received this honor for their paper titled: The Connectivity Sonar: Detecting Site Functionality by Structural Patterns. The paper discusses how web sites that serve similar functions, exhibit similar structural patterns. The proposed technology uses the structure and connectivity characteristics of different sites to automatically categorize sites into eight distinct functional classes. The paper highlights several search-engine related applications that could make immediate use of such technology, for example to automatically classify web sites, or even detect spam rings and mirror sites.

SIGWEB supports the multi-disciplinary field of hypertext and hypermedia, and provides a forum for the promotion, dissemination, and exchange of ideas concerning research and applications among scientists, systems designers and end-users. SIGWEB delivers two awards at its annual Hypertext Conference. The Douglas Engelbart Best Paper award, and the Ted Nelson Newcomer award.

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