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IBM Research VP Paul Horn joins Haifa employees in commemorating the late Josef Raviv

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

December 27, 2004

Hundreds of employees from the IBM Haifa Labs attended a special event at the Krieger Center for the Performing Arts in Haifa on Tuesday, December 21. Entitled "Leadership in Times of Change", the event was a tribute to the late Josef Raviv, who established the IBM Haifa Research Lab in 1972. Raviv and his wife Joanna died tragically five years ago while vacationing in New Zealand.

Opening remarks by IBM Haifa Labs director, Michael Rodeh, used the theme of 'Dawn and Dusk' to reflect upon Josef Raviv's distinctive leadership style, which looked upon change as a channel for bringing forth new opportunities. Rodeh noted, "Joe's ability to master change was indeed unique. His inspiration continues to drive us as we explore new avenues in technology and business."

Award-winning Israeli journalist Oren Nahari entertained Haifa employees with a lecture on "Innovation and Leadership," pointing out both the dark and light side of innovation throughout the world's history.

A number of IBM Haifa Labs senior managers gave summaries of their group's innovations achieved through new business models, in keeping with Raviv's vision.

Both IBM Research Division VP Paul Horn and IBM Israel General Manager Meir Nissensohn gave moving personal accounts of the ways in which Josef Raviv's leadership always helped the IBM Haifa Lab successfully greet the challenges of the day and anticipate the promises held by future changes.

Paul Horn noted that Raviv always knew how to welcome transition and even initiate it.
"Innovation is change happening in global groups," Horn said. "Joe used to say 'Life is change. Embrace that change, use enormous energy, and you can change the world".


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