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IBM Haifa Supports World’s Largest IBM Mirrored Data Center

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IBM Haifa's Advanced Copy Functions Give IBM Shark Storage System a Biting Edge

January 2002, Haifa, Israel – This month, Pershing, a Credit Suisse First Boston company, and IBM announced the implementation of a mirrored data center, supported by the IBM "Shark" Enterprise Storage Server and IBM eServer z900, which helps ensure that business-critical information is available to Pershing and its 750 financial services customers in the event of a business disruption.

Shark, a high-end data storage system, offers customers scalability, performance, and high availability with no scheduled down time. A key feature of Shark is the advanced copy services (Concurrent Copy, Extended Remote Copy, FlashCopy and Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy), which were developed entirely at the IBM Haifa Research Labs (HRL). “These advanced copy services are the added value. They are the power for solutions and disaster recovery,” says Alain Azagury, manager of the Storage and Systems Technology department at HRL.

The use of Shark and HRLs Extended Remote Copy function will provide Pershing customers with reliable and nearly uninterrupted access to business critical information. The Extended Remote Copy function will allow Pershing to automatically copy more than 20 terabytes (7,300 volumes) of information — equal to the text content of 20 million 400-page books — between their primary and secondary technology centers in the event of a business disruption.

To keep Shark’s biting advantage, HRL is working on adding specific advanced functions. They have developed and continue to develop components that strengthen Shark’s reliability and availability. “These advanced functions bring advantages in management, disaster/recovery, and backup recovery,” says Azagury.

Since September 1999, over 8000 Shark boxes have been shipped. This number continues to grow as others join the school of well-recognized fish that have already caught on to the Shark storage advantage.

HRL plans to expand Shark by developing further advanced functions. Future innovations include solutions for synergism between Shark and file systems. Additional avenues may include integrative work with Shark and iSCSI, an IP-based, alternative to Fibre Channel technology storage method, for Storage Area Networks (SAN).

About IBM Haifa

The IBM Research and Development Labs in Israel have been active for almost 30 years in areas such as: VLSI design, verification technologies, distributed computing, system availability, operating systems, storage subsystems, computer communication, programming languages, multimedia, mathematical models and applications, active management technologies, optimization techniques, and e-business and security.

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