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IBM Haifa Seminar Provides a Forum for the Israeli Compiler and Architecture Research Communities

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

IBM Haifa Seminar Provides a Forum for the Israeli Compiler and Architecture Research Communities

Last month, the Systems and Software Department of the IBM Haifa Research Lab hosted a seminar on computer architecture and compiler optimization. More than 50 researchers and developers from Israeli universities and industry attended the conference, which was designed to allow professionals in the field to share their work and exchange ideas. The seminar represented the first full-day workshop of its kind held by the department.

Firms that sent representatives to the seminar include Intel, National Semiconductor, EZChip, Mellanox, Verisity, and ParthusCeva, while academic researchers at the conference came from such institutions as the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Ben Gurion University, the University of Haifa, and Tel Aviv University.

The seminar program was comprised of four parts-compilers, architectures, parallel systems, and memory hierarchy-each of which included a number of relevant lectures. Lectures focused on a wide variety of compiler and architecture topics, including industrial case-studies, recent developments in the field, and current research. The keynote lecture was delivered by Kemal Ebcioglu, a senior researcher at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.

The seminar was organized by David Bernstein, manager of the IBM Haifa Systems and Software Department, and Bilha Mendelson, manager of the Code Optimization Technology Group at the lab.

Bernstein noted that the seminar provided a unique opportunity for cooperation between researchers and developers in related fields. "Until now, we have held half-day workshops focusing almost exclusively on compiler-related topics, an area we at the IBM Haifa labs are particularly strong in," Bernstein said. "This seminar, which brought together both compiler and architecture professionals , built on the synergy between the two fields."

Seminar participants were very positive about the event. One participant thanked the organizers for an "enlightening seminar," stating that he also "enjoyed the atmosphere, the facilities and the opportunity to meet colleagues."

The Systems and Software Department plans on making the full-day seminar an annual event, and to continue with the more frequent half-day workshops. The next short workshop, which will focus on Linux and open source development, is scheduled for the beginning of 2003.


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