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IBM Haifa Labs News Center

November 26, 2003

On November 11, 2003, the Software and Verification Department of the IBM Haifa Research Lab hosted a seminar on computer architecture and compiler optimization. More than 70 researchers and developers from Israeli universities and industry attended the conference, which was designed to allow professionals in the field to exchange ideas and discuss cross-disciplinary developments.

The Haifa seminar also serves as the major annual event for the Israeli architecture and compiler communities, helping both to maintain and support the sense of community among researchers in these closely-related fields.

Firms that sent representatives to the seminar include Intel, EZChip, and National Semiconductor. University personnel in attendance at the seminar came from such leading Israeli institutions as the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, the University of Haifa, and Tel Aviv University.

This year's seminar featured two guest speakers from outside of Israel, Professor Alex Nicolau from the University of California at Irvine, and Professor Mateo Valero, the keynote speaker from Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain. The lectures in the seminar focused primarily on issues related to recent developments in the field of computer architecture, although previous seminars have focused more on compiler issues. According to Dr. Bilha Mendelson, manager of the Code Optimization Technologies group in the IBM Haifa Labs and one of the organizers of the seminar, it is the give-and-take between these two subjects that makes the seminar so valuable.

"It is important for researchers from these two disciplines to come together and collaborate," noted Mendelson. "These fields represent the two areas whose interoperation defines computer performance-architecture and usage. Because of this relationship, we need to meet and discuss recent developments. That's what makes this seminar, and even the networking that takes place between the lectures, so crucial."

Participants uniformly expressed their satisfaction with the event, praising IBM for the content and organization of the seminar. Seminar organizers look forward to next year's event, which they say will have a greater focus on on-demand compiler and architecture issues, such as on-the-fly optimizations.

Presentations from the seminar can be downloaded for viewing from the seminar program site,


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