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IBM Research Labs in Haifa Announce the Release of RuleBase Version 1.4

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

The RuleBase formal verification tool, with enhanced performance, is now available on more platforms

Haifa, Israel, June 20, 2002 The Formal Methods department at the IBM Research Labs in Haifa today released a new version of RuleBase, the industry-leading model checker.

RuleBase is a functional verification tool that determines whether a design functions according to a specified set of properties. The tool ensures a very high degree of verification coverage and design quality, as well as faster time-to-market for the final design. As opposed to simulation, RuleBase leverages static checking algorithms and requires no test cases. To date, RuleBase supports assertion-based verification (ABV) methodologies across IBM and for several strategic business partners. Many design teams have reported that RuleBase detected design flaws that would have escaped traditional simulation methods.

RuleBase 1.4 comes in two versions: RuleBase Classic and RuleBase Premium. The heart of the Classic offering is a BDD-based search engine called Discovery, which has been in use since 1994 and is continuously being improved.

The Premium version of RuleBase 1.4 is now officially available to the verification community. On top of the Classic version, RuleBase Premium contains a set of additional verification engines, which excel in finding bugs in very large, high-complexity logic models.

Similar to previous versions, RuleBase 1.4 runs on both AIX and Solaris, and now runs on Linux.

RuleBase 1.4 highlights:
  • Runs on Linux, Sun/Solaris, and AIX.
  • Classic version with field-proven BDD-based Discovery search engine.
  • Premium version with new state-space compression search algorithms.
  • Platform-independent and user friendly GUI.
  • About 10 years of proven state-of-the-art of Formal Verification experience.
  • Support for user-defined search directives (Hints).
  • Includes a 64-bit version of the Discovery search engine.

RuleBase 1.4 is available for a 90-day trial period. For more details see:

Appendix: Training Sessions, 2002

RuleBase classes may be opened in the Q3-Q4/2002 timeframe at the IBM Research Labs in Haifa, based on user requests. These classes come in two flavors: Introductory and Advanced.

The duration of the Introductory RuleBase Class is 2 days, and the covered material includes fundamentals of formal verification and model checking, the Sugar specification language (including the modeling of input constraints), and handling size problems.

The duration of the Advanced RuleBase Class is 3 days, where the covered material includes advanced modeling (sequential processes, design overrides, and use of restrictions, assumptions and hints), liveness and fairness considerations, RuleBase flow management, advanced options, the Reduction Analyzer, and a special chapter on Sugar 2 and its effect on using RuleBase.

Classes fill up quickly and are limited in capacity. For further information, please send the following information ASAP to Gil Shapir (
  • Company name
  • Existing User / About to Become a user / General Interest
  • Names of attendees for the fundamentals part
  • Names of attendees for the advanced part


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