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IBM researchers put the MQSeries in the fast lane

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

IBM Haifa's Reliable Multicast Messaging toolkit opens new opportunities for IBM's MQSeries messaging systems in the financial sector

The newest version of IBM's WebSphere MQ Event Broker and Message Broker system for enterprise messaging now includes Reliable Multicast Messaging, designed and developed at the IBM Haifa Research Lab. This new feature provides reliable simultaneous message broadcast capabilities to the MQSeries product family. The new business integration systems belong to the IBM MQSeries message routing systems, the world leader in the area of enterprise messaging.

In the past, large messaging systems have been very successful in enabling point-to-point, or unicast, messages, but the complex technical demands of simultaneously sending and routing the same message to hundreds or even thousands of users have proven nearly impossible for unicast systems. The added capacities of IBM's Reliable Multicast Messaging allows the parallel delivery of identical data streams to multiple endpoints, which optimizes network performance and throughput. This new technology, which was designed and developed by researchers at the Haifa IBM facility, greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise messaging.

"Reliable Multicast Messaging gives the MQSeries offerings the reliability, scalability, and high performance necessary for point-to-multipoint messaging in a real-time infrastructure system," noted Gidon Gershinsky, the project leader for Reliable Multicast Messaging in IBM Haifa's Software and Services department. "The multicast publish-subscribe capabilities are crucial in today's fast-paced financial markets."

Reliable Multicast Messaging is both very scalable and very fast. This represents a tremendous advantage over the MQSeries' previous unicast messaging capability. The speed of IBM's new multicast technology also offers a real advantage over other multicast messaging offerings on the market. The standard IP-level multicast uses the IP and UDP data transfer networks, but the Haifa-developed toolkit has improved on that standard, and made it faster and more reliable by adding an additional network layer above those other networks. This has made the reliable and very fast transfer of a large number of messages simultaneously a reality.

By saving time and resources, Reliable Multicast Messaging provides the MQSeries products with an opportunity to offer new services to a variety of financial markets, such as stock exchanges, trade floors, and commercial banking operations. These business areas, which depend on the quick transfer of data messages to multiple destinations (for example, stock exchange information systems can now simultaneously send the same message to thousands of agents), already enjoy MQSeries products for their back office data transfers. Reliable Multicast Messaging now brings the MQSeries to their front offices as well, providing a real boost with their mission-critical business transactions.

But Reliable Multicast Messaging is not limited to the world of high-powered financial wheeling and dealing. Any industry with fast real-time communications needs can benefit from the new capabilities offered by this exciting technology.

IBM's WebSphere MQ Event Broker and Message Broker including the Reliable Multicast Messaging technology are scheduled for general release in late June 2003.


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