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IBM R&D Labs in Israel

image: IBM and Haifa

IBM and scientists in Poland collaborate to advance research in cloud computing

IBM and the Polish AGH University of Science and Technology join forces on open-source cloud operating platform

IBM announced today that it has begun a joint research initiative with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland to advance research in cloud computing. The work in this emerging market will be focused on developing advancements to OpenStack, the worldwide consortium developing an open-source cloud computing platform. The news follows IBM's announcement from earlier this year that it was joining the OpenStack Foundation as a platinum member.

According to a recent report by Gartner Research, cloud computing "has permeated the market over the last two years." Among five major cloud computing trends for the next five years, Gartner identified both cloud-centric design as well as cloud computing's influence on the future data centers and operational models. In an effort to better prepare for these developments, IBM is seeking to collaborate with leading research institutions such as AGH-UST on future cloud, mobile, and virtualization technologies.

"As more and more private and enterprise users access, create and deploy services on the cloud, the need for more effective and efficient cloud computing technologies has become increasingly urgent," explained Yaron Wolfsthal, IBM Senior Manager of Systems Technologies and Services at IBM Research - Haifa "As cloud computing matures and develops, its continued adoption will be driven by the use of open specifications, enhanced ease-of-use, and enterprise-grade technical capabilities. Our joint work with AGH-UST and other partners in the Open Stack community targets these priorities."

The IBM research initiative with AGH-UST will focus primarily on OpenStack, but will also seek to further develop other cloud-related technology assets. The work with the Polish technical university will also focus on developing enabling technologies for enterprise-class "infrastructure-as-a-service" (IaaS) clouds, creating affordable cloud computing technology options for users in Eastern Europe and other growth markets. Researchers plan to work on a number of key cloud issues such as resiliency, scale, quality of service management, and cross-cloud application deployment governance in IaaS clouds. As part of IBM's research with AGH-UST, an experimental cloud platform will be constructed to see the effects and influences of the technologies being developed.

The research project is part of IBM's Open Collaborative Research Program (OCR), an initiative to develop open-source projects and foster innovation through university-industry research collaboration. IBM scientists from IBM Research – Haifa in Israel and the IBM Software Lab in Krakow will work in close collaboration with researchers from the Department of Computer Science in the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

"Collaboration with IBM is an excellent opportunity for our faculty and students to experience joint research with a world-class corporation," explained Prof. Krzysztof Zielinski, director of the university's Department of Computer Science. Expertise in Zielinski's faculty already includes scalable distributed systems, knowledge management, mobile network technology, and grid computing.

This is yet another step in the development of collaboration by IBM Research - Haifa on cloud computing with universities in Poland, following the agreement signed with Wrocław University of Technology in April this year.

"The collaboration with IBM Research also enters AGH University of Science and Technology to newly opened programme of IBM Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Poland "– underlines Mariusz Ochla, IBM Technical Exploration Center Manager and Head of IBM CAS Poland. "CAS is a common platform to facilitate relationships with academia which already cooperates with IBM, in particular with those having active University Competence Centers on Campus" – he adds.

IBM OCR programs help develop and release open-source software tools and components. This is the first OCR research project IBM has launched in Poland since the program began five years ago.