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Gidon Gershinsky and Ofer Biran appointed Senior Technical Staff Members (STSM)

The title of STSM is bestowed upon key IBM employees who made significant and vital contributions to the IBM team

August 4, 2010, Haifa, This year has brought with it a great number of honors for IBM Research - Haifa employees, each one unique and highly admirable. I am pleased to share the news that John Kelly, IBM Senior Vice President & Director of Research, has appointed Gidon Gershinsky and Ofer Biran as Senior Technical Staff Members (STSM). The title of STSM is bestowed upon key IBM employees who made significant and vital contributions to the IBM team, beyond those expected of senior engineers, programmers, and scientists.

  Gidon Gershinsky STSM
Gidon has started messaging technology research in IBM Research - Haifa, initiating and leading projects such as Reliable multicast messaging (RMM), Real-time transport fabric, Information bridging for Smart Grids. His work has focused on invention of high throughput messaging and reliable delivery technologies that addressed the challenges of financial front office industry. Gidon has brought these technologies into a joint IBM-Bloomberg project, which has become the foundation for SWG FSS development group and has allowed IBM to enter the financial front office markets. Gidon has also co-invented a novel Reliable consistent messaging streaming (RCMS) technology, designed to enable stock trading at extreme volumes and low latencies. RMM and RCMS have been released by IBM as a stand-alone WebSphere MQ LLM (low latency messaging) product, today the fastest messaging technology in financial industry. In addition, RMM has been integrated into WebSphere HAManager product. Both products are successful at the marketplace and the underlying research technologies were awarded a number of accomplishments. In recent years, Gidon's activities have been focused on real-time communication in federal applications and industry automation, mobile ad-hoc networks, data traffic management in large scale sensor systems. Gidon has filed more than 25 patents related to messaging technologies.

  Ofer Biran STSM
Since joining IBM in 1991, Ofer has constantly created value and impact across different areas and has been recognized as a thought leader and key technical expert.

Ofer manages the Virtualization and Systems Management group, which focuses on advanced and autonomic management aspects of cloud computing, supporting both STG and GTS/BCRS. Before that, Ofer worked in the areas of network design, remote objects technology, security and autonomic systems management. He has led various research and development projects in these areas and authored the security component of the iSCSI protocol specification. Currently, Ofer has a lead role in VMControl, the STG primary virtualization management product. Previously, with colleagues from Haifa and Watson, Ofer led pioneering research projects that laid the groundwork for a scientific revolution in the technology domain now known as cloud computing. Among others,he contributed to the initialization of VSM (Director Virtual System Manager) and also led the Service Oriented Administration for Linux VM (a.k.a. zLinux Management function of Director) from concept to product contribution. Ofer has filed numerous patents and has received several awards for his accomplishments within IBM.

Please join me in congratulating both Gidon and Ofer on their exceptional achievements. Their focused dedication, persistence, true leadership, and bold thinking represent the values we strive for as an organization.

Thanks. Oded