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IBM selected as Computerworld Laureate

EuResist HIV Treatment Prediction Tool Wins Top Honors in Computerworld Honors Program

Ever wonder how doctors know which drug treatment cocktails to prescribe to keep HIV under control? It’s no simple task, especially since HIV has the ability to develop resistance to any antiretroviral compound. Keeping HIV under control is dependant on choosing the right combination of drugs that work for the longest period of time. Researchers at the IBM Haifa Lab have been working on EuResist, a powerful online system that helps doctors make smarter decisions about the treatment with the highest probability of halting virus replication and impairing evolution of drug resistance.

This week, the Computerworld Honors Program is recognizing EuResist’s contribution to helping extend the lives of millions of people who are the victims with HIV. IBM was selected for its work on the EuResist research project for AIDS treatment and named a Computerworld Laureate for 2008.

EuResist is the first and only freely available data-driven computational method that predicts the success of a treatment regimen against any given HIV genotype, based on viral genotype information and smarter analytic technologies to take into account treatment response information from clinical practice. It is also the only system providing the global medical community with an estimate of activity for combination therapy, rather than for individual drugs.


Researchers in Haifa are collaborating with the EuResist Network, a non-profit partnership of pharmaceutical companies, governmental institutions, and private companies, and its GEIE partners including a European Economic Interest Grouping composed of Karolinska Institute, Max Planck Institute, University of Siena, Informa s.r.l., University of Cologne.