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Reliable Multicast Messaging technology from IBM Research Lab in Haifa enables collaboration with Reuters

IBM Haifa Labs News Center

March 11, 2007

Reuters, a long established leader in financial information services, and IBM are collaborating to make it simpler for financial markets customers to integrate Reuters core software platform, the Reuters Market Data System (RMDS), with IBM WebSphere Software. Joint customers can now access and integrate the broadest array of market data with existing information to manage massive data volumes better and improve trading.

Reuters and other players in this market, need to cope with exponential growth of message volumes in financial front office (stock exchanges and institutional trade firms), with typical throughput rates already reaching hundreds of thousands of messages per second, and projected to surpass a million messages per second in just a year or two. In addition, the end-to-end data delivery latency is required to stay well below a millisecond threshold, due to the increasing popularity of program (automatic) trading.

The move will allow the content and services on RMDS to completely integrate with applications that use IBM’s messaging software. This was made possible by the introduction of three new products from Reuters, which will extend the reach of RMDS into clients’ front, middle and back office applications.
  • RMDS Multicast Distributor, to be released later this year, is powered by IBM’s new Reliable Multicast Messaging technology developed in the IBM Haifa Research Lab. This technology enables ultra-fast distribution of any content from RMDS to client applications. The new technology can be embedded in RMDS with licensing and support by Reuters.

  • RMDS Enterprise Distributor (eDist) is a Java Messaging Service (JMS) gateway that connects RMDS to IBM WebSphere Software. It allows applications written with IBM WebSphere Software to access the 80 plus data sources from vendors available on RMDS - as well as internally published data. It can also distribute content over RMDS for consumption by other applications owned by the client.

  • RMDS Internet Finance Platform (iFP) will give internet access to all the data on RMDS and will integrate web services. It is designed to run on IBM WebSphere Software web servers.

IBM's Reliable Multicast Messaging technology is the industry's fastest messaging solution today. RMM is a high-throughput, low-latency transport technology developed at the IBM Haifa Research Lab for one-to-many data delivery or many-to-many data exchange in a message-oriented middleware publish/subscribe fashion. Various versions of RMM are currently embedded in IBM WebSphere Front Office for Financial Markets, WBI Event Broker and Message Broker v5, and other IBM offerings.


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