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IBM R&D Labs in Israel

image: IBM and Haifa

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It's time to radically overhaul our approach to data privacy

January 27, 2016 - Sima Nadler's new project is developing an enterprise-scale data privacy and consent management system to help organizations set and follow privacy policies.

Putting wearables to work for improved safety

January 06, 2016 - IBM Research-Haifa is working on a new kind of IoT platform for employee safety management.

Would you know if your car was being hacked?

November 23, 2015 - Yair Allouche, researcher at the IBM Cybersecurity Center of Excellence explains how his team is helping prevent cybercrime for cars.

Reflections en-route from the OpenStack Summit

November 09, 2015 - IBM Fellow Michael Factor introduces some of the exciting work Haifa researchers are doing for OpenStack.