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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


The SOA team is part of the Israel Software Lab (ILSL) and works on Service Oriented Architecture projects. Service oriented architecture uses loosely coupled services to support the requirements of business processes and users. Resources on a network in a SOA environment are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation. The team's projects deal with end-to-end SOA reference implementation, applying data mining to the field of metadata, and integrating Data Governance & Metadata. Ed Kahan, CTO of SOA Advanced Technologies, has overall responsibility for these projects. Avi Margalit is the manager of the team. The SOA team is currently working on two SOA-related projects.

End to End SOA Reference Implementation

The end-to-end SOA reference implementation is about creating an engineering practice by understanding, implementing, and documenting the end-to-end customer engagement process. The first end-to-end implementation will be for the Telco industry, to be followed by implementations for other selected industries. Based on the reference implementation, the gaps and pain points in the customer engagement process will be identified, and a POC for components, tools, wizards, etc. will be created. A real-time SOA framework will address the integration of real-time components within the SOA infrastructure.

Metadata Analytics

With rapid growth in the power of computers and steady progress in searching, classifying, and organizing large amounts of data, the time is right for Metadata Analytics. Metadata Analytics uses proven data mining techniques to connect metadata to business realities. Hence, the main goal of the team is to develop tools for searching and organizing large amounts of disorganized metadata in the context of SOA, by concentrating on several common use cases (such as Compliance and Legacy Transformation), and producing a documented customer deployment proof of concept.

SOA Advanced Technologies, CTO

Ed Kahan