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IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL)

image: IBM and Haifa

Real Time Collaboration

The ILSL Real-Time Collaboration Lab in Rehovot uses leading-edge technologies to design and develop SIP infrastructure and infrastructure of real-time collaboration, including session management, presence awareness, real-time collaboration gateways, text messaging, and mobile real-time messaging infrastructure. The lab has been in existence since 1994, when it pioneered work in instant messaging and presence technologies. In 1998, the lab was acquired by IBM to work on next-generation technologies for WPLC products.

The lab contributes products to IBM Collaboration Solutions and WebSphere.

Quality Assurance activities in the lab includes testing the developed components as well as development of testing tools for our technologies. Quality improvement is achieved using automation and adoption of best practices.

In addition to developing infrastructure components for Real-Time Collaboration, the lab has been involved in standards activities both in IETF and in the JCP. We have been active in influencing and developing standards around SIP both in the IETF organization and in the JSR working groups.


Senior Managers

Gil Perzy, Senior Manager Real Time Collaboration, ILSL

: Senior Manager Real Time Collaboration, ILSL