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IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL)

image: IBM and Haifa

Lab-Based Services

The Israel Software Lab Services group provides specialized consulting services that support the products and technologies that are developed in ILSL. The lab services team provides technical consulting, delivers advanced education, and builds customized services assets for IBM customers. In addition, the lab services team plays a crucial role in enabling local EMEA services and sales executives to support the latest ILSL product and technology components.

The Lab Services organization is co-located with the core ILSL R&D teams known for their domain expertise and leadership in industry standards bodies. This tight relationship leads to cross-fertilization of ideas between R&D and customer facing services engineers. Current customer engagements and future IBM product development benefit greatly from the regular forums, training, and brainstorming sessions that occur in the ILSL facilities.

ILSL Lab Services support the many products that are being developed, tested and integrated in the labs. Products include:

  • Lotus Sametime presence and instant messaging server
  • Lotus Sametime Gateway
  • WAS Presence Server
  • WAS - SIP servelet engine
  • WebSphere DataPower
  • WebSphere Information Server
  • WebSphere DataStage
  • WebSphere QualityStage
  • WebSphere MetaData Server
  • WebSphere Business Glossary
  • IBM Metadata Workbench
  • IBM WebSphere Portal
  • IBM Metadata Workbench
  • IBM WebSphere Portal
  • OmniFind Discovery Edition (ODE)
  • IBM Classification Module

Each of the ILSL divisions has engineers that support the lab services field engagements.

Additional information on ILSL Services.

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Senior Manager

Jeff Eisenberg, Senior Manager Lab-Based Services, ILSL

: Senior Manager Lab-Based Services, ILSL