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Jerusalem Site

The Jerusalem site of the IBM Israel Software Lab houses a cross-functional team of experienced Information Management and SOA professionals. This team focus on three main areas: Data Governance & Metadata, text analytics, and SOA.

The metadata team is responsible for the WebSphere Metadata Workbench, which provides the ability to manage, analyze, and enrich metadata stored in the Metadata Server, and for the Business Glossary, giving business users the ability to define key enterprise terms and concepts, and provides linkage between business and IT artifacts. More generally, team members focus on designing and developing metadata products and services to accelerate the IBM Metadata Pervasiveness Plan.

The Content Discovery Engineering team (CDE) is responsible for IBM OmniFind Discovery Edition, an award-winning platform that enables users to efficiently make purchases, find answers, and solve problems without expert assistance. In addition, the team is responsible for the design and development of IBM Classification Module (ICM). This classification module is used to understand unstructured content and informal communications.

The SOA team work on end-to-end SOA reference implementation, applying data mining to the field of metadata, and integrating Data Governance & Metadata. The end-to-end SOA reference implementation is about creating an engineering practice by understanding and documenting the end-to-end customer engagement process. The first end-to-end implementation will be for the Telco industry, to be followed by implementations for other selected industries. The metadata mining project's goal is to develop tools for searching and organizing large amounts of disorganized metadata in the context of SOA.

The Jerusalem site is located in the Jerusalem Technology Park in Israel's capital city, approximately 50 km southwest of Tel Aviv. The team consists of product management, development, quality assurance, information development, services, and presales professionals, along with support staff.

Mailing address: IBM Israel Software Lab, Jerusalem-Malha Site, Malcha Technology Park, Jerusalem 96951, Israel.

Site Address: Malha Technology Park (GATI), Building 8/9, 3rd floor, Jerusalem, Israel.

Telephones: Calls to the Jerusalem-Malha site can be directed to the main switchboard 02-649-1799 from within Israel or 972-2-649-1799 from abroad-or to the individual extensions. The fax number is 972-2-679-8664.