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Emerging Quality and Design Technologies

The Emerging Quality and Design Technologies Department develops advanced tools and technologies spanning the entire spectrum of dynamic functional verification: test program and stimuli generation, functional coverage, and checking. Our work addresses the challenges of all dynamic verification platforms from simulation via emulation and acceleration to post-silicon validation. The department specializes in the development of functional verification solutions for high-end designs focusing on the verification of micro-processors, multi-processor designs, and large systems. These technologies are recognized as the best in the field; they are used extensively throughout IBM in all major hardware development labs and are licensed to selected external customers.

Our mission is to provide IBM with continued innovation in the hardware verification arena to keep IBM's verification capabilities ahead of the competition, and to address new verification challenges stemming from IBM's aggressive hardware product plans in timely fashion. To fulfill this mission, we develop innovative solutions involving advanced research and development in other major computer science disciplines, such as constraint satisfaction and machine learning. The technological assets for verification we have developed around these disciplines provide IBM with a significant competitive advantage. We also explore new avenues for employing our assets and skills and leveraging our strengths to extend our impact on IBM's business and seek technological cross-fertilization among different yet related problem domains.



Itai Jaeger, Manager Emerging Quality and Design Technologies, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Emerging Quality and Design Technologies, IBM Research - Haifa