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Systems and Internet of Things Engineering

The main directions of research are tool integration and co-development frameworks, systems' synthesis and virtual integration technologies, and situational awareness for field engineers and technicians. Lately, with the advent of Watson, we have started working on cognitive technologies aiding engineers in their job and increasing their level of innovation and design quality. Furthermore, we are learning to apply our cyber-physical systems experience to the Internet of Things, working on functional, performance, and security monitoring, pro-active control and reconfiguration, and other technologies that can collectively be referred to as IoT DevOps.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from operations research to software engineering, augmented by industry and design methodology experience. Our team is active in EU-funded research (SPRINT, DANSE, PSYMBIOSYS), in IBM internal and external projects, and in US government projects. The team has a strong track record of research exploitation, having made numerous contributions to IBM software tools, especially the current and legacy product lineup of IBM Internet of Things. The numerous partnerships and interactions with customers, predominantly in the industrial sector, ensure the relevance of our research results.

The SIoTE team is active on the academic stage, with award-winning contributions to related venues like DAC, CSER, CSDM, SPLASH, INCOSE IS, and others.


Henry Broodney, Manager Systems and Internet of Things Engineering, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Systems and Internet of Things Engineering, IBM Research - Haifa