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Problem Determination, System Management and Monitoring (MELODY)


MELODY, short for IBM Mining Effectively Large Output Data Yield, is an innovative machine learning technology for analyzing large collection of log files generated by computer systems. As computers get more complex, reading their logs has become impossible for a human. Melody automatically identifies the interesting parts, discovers anomalies and allows for failure prediction, thus enable early and correct detection of malfunctions and reduce warranty costs.

MELODY has been productized, branded zAware, after an extensive cooperation with the IBM System-Z resiliency team at Poughkeepsie since 2008. MELODY-Z provide tools for anomaly detection and failure prediction in system Z logs, using machine learning and statistical analysis, and is based on MELODY-X technology.

Read more on the journey from the lab's oven to the real world:

For more information see Brochure.

MELODY is also used by IBM to monitor our own intranet applications and within IBM support centers for System-X, BladeCenter & Intellistation (xBCI) and soon for PureFlex machines as well. It allows IBM's support personnel (from front office through product field engineers (PFE) till product engineers (PE)) to view rare (and therefore probably interesting) log events, unique (and therefore probably important) configuration items as well as output of rules designed to help pin-point the problems better and faster.

For more details, see the following summary.


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