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Advanced Water Analytics


The water industry is undergoing a huge change; from an operation largely dominated by low-tech elements such as earth movers, pipes, and pumps, it is becoming a modern, streamlined, and highly accurate science governed by high-frequency readings of sensors, careful analysis of the data, and meticulous planning. We apply state-of-the-art data mining tools and statistical analysis to the data collected from automatic meters, SCADA sensors, and the like, to help water utilities, municipalities, and consumers reach better decisions. The potential benefits include water conservation, increased operational efficiency, maintenance cost control, reduction of pollution, improved waste-water treatment policies, and more.

Click to see a demo of the Advanced Water Management software.
Available also in (WMV 16,979KB, AVI 120,380KB).


We are collaborating with Arad Technologies, a leading company in the water measurement domain. We have jointly developed tools to identify anomalies in meter data, including:

  1. For zero consumption, distinguishing between legitimate (e.g., family on vacation) and illegitimate (e.g., malfunction) causes.
  2. Identifying leaks in the common areas of buildings (outside the scope of any single meter). For more details see the description of our use cases.

More information about Arad technology.

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