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Machine Learning Technologies

The Machine Learning Technologies group specializes in developing algorithms for automatic pattern recognition, prediction, classification, and learning of structures. We provide both core technologies and machine learning services. Our core technologies include massive scale, distributed and on-line machine learning, Bayesian networks, learning and classifying structures, anomaly detection, feature selection, and rule learning.

The group members currently lead projects and conduct research in the field of anomaly detection focusing on machine logs, data from smart meters in the water and energy domains, and database accesses in the security domain. For the financial services sector we have a special focus on fraud detection. We work in close collaboration with IBM teams around the globe, and externally in academic collaborations and industrial companies.




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Ofer Lavi, Manager Machine Learning Technologies, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Machine Learning Technologies, IBM Research - Haifa


Matan Ninio
Phone : +972-3-768-9417

Dorit Baras
Phone : +972-4-829-6123

Einat Kermany
Phone : +972-4-829-6189

Elad Shaked
Phone : +972-3-598-9411

Moran Gavish
Phone : +972-4-828-1132

Elad Mezuman
Phone : +972-3-768-9418