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VISION Cloud - Virtual Storage Services Foundation for the Future Internet

As the Internet continues to evolve towards the "Internet of Things" model, more and more data is being saved and made accessible on the cloud. Data intensive services such as video streaming, IP telephony, television on-demand and social media continue to develop at an accelerated pace. Millions, if not billions, of miniscule devices are expected to join the ranks of digital data producers. Yet, contemporary technology for handling the convergence of data and storage has not been able to keep up with this demand.

Lead by the IBM Research - Haifa, the VISION Cloud project introduces an innovative, virtualized infrastructure for the cost effective delivery of data intensive and media rich services, providing comprehensive data interoperability and mobility, Quality of Service and security guarantees.

Sponsored by the European Union's Framework Programme 7 initiative and with a total of fourteen European industrial and academic partners, VISION Cloud started in October 0f 2010, and will run for three years.

To create a reference implementation for a next generation storage cloud, VISION Cloud research is tackling the following main areas of innovation:

  1. Raise the Abstraction Level of Storage through enriching data with both user and system defined attributes (metadata).
  2. Provide Data Mobility and Federation across storage boundaries to ensure comprehensive and transparent data interoperability and overcome the problem of data lock-in.
  3. Bring Computation to Storage by enabling secure execution of computational tasks near their data, reducing bandwidth requirements and latency.
  4. Facilitate More Natural Access to Data searching on data content and relationships rather than details of the low level storage implementation.
  5. Advance Capabilities for Cloud-Based Storage to creating a platform where data-intensive services can be provided securely, at the desired level of service, and at competitive costs.

More information can be found on the VISION Cloud web site.

What IBM can offer:

IBM offers its expertise both for funded joint research, as well as licensing in the following areas related to VISION Cloud technologies:

  • Optimization of data placement on storage clouds (including handling geographic constraints)
  • Software solutions for replication and resiliency in cloud storage
  • Advanced metadata support for cloud storage
  • REST APIs for cloud storage
  • CDMI expertise
  • Cloud object store
  • Deduplication for cloud storage, including client-side deduplication
  • Tools for data migration both between storage clouds, and within a storage cloud

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