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Cloud Storage

Our mission is to develop advanced data storage features and technologies for the cloud, with emphasis on enterprise class use-cases.

We are building features and developing solutions optimized for storage in cloud environments, focusing on efficiency, accessibility, trust, resiliency and ease of use for both classical enterprise workloads and new workloads as analytics and Internet of Things (IoT). We envision solutions for both classical access patterns as block and file storage, and the new access patterns such as object and key/value access. We use an end-to-end viewpoint when applying solutions and techniques for storage in the cloud, taking into account application needs, network infrastructure, availability, and data storage aspects.



Object Store

Object Store

Storage Technologies

Storage Technologies

Object Store is emerging as the popular choice for capacity oriented needs, and is a key component for new workloads in the Cloud. Our research aim to support enterprise workloads for object store and explore how to optimize analytics for the object store.

Trust is a key component for running anything in the cloud. You need to trust your cloud provider, trust that your data is safe and secure, and make sure you are creating trust for your customers. We explore and create solutions to increase the trust that cloud solutions and providers provide to customers. Our solutions are developed to comply with privacy regulations and legislations such as the European GDPR regulations, and to improve the level of trust in the cloud using Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and compute containers.

Storage Technologies: We develop cutting edge technologies for introducing new storage solutions and enhancing the usability of storage systems in the Cloud. Our research include Data Reduction functionality, focusing on optimizing capacity for storage systems; exploring Storage Class memory (SCM) as a platform for data and new workloads.

About Us

Our toolset and methodology include leveraging open source software and tools and participation in open source communities and forums. We aim to practice an agile research approach geared toward developing innovation for cloud application storage. We are participating in European research projects and continuously seek opportunities for collaboration, including opportunities in the H2020 research and innovation programme.


Ronen Kat, Manager Cloud Storage, IBM Research - Haifa

: Manager Cloud Storage, IBM Research - Haifa



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